Acting as a Business

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[eBook] Acting as a Business

An essential handbook for actors-a modern classic-in a newly updated edition.Since its original publication, Acting as a Business has earned a reputation as an indispensable tool for working and aspiring actors. Avoiding the usual advice about persistence and luck, Brian O'Neil provides clear-cut guidelines that will give actors a solid knowledge of the business behind their art. It's packed with practical information-on everything from what to say in a cover letter to where to stand when performing in agent's office-including:yes'>#8226;How to craft a winning theatrical résuméyes'>#8226;The most effective ways to join the performer's unionsyes'>#8226;Tactics for getting an agentyes'>#8226;Strategies for finding work in the theater, on daytime television, and in independent filmsyes'>#8226;Navigating the different customs and cultures of New York and Los AngelesO'Neil has updated Acting as a Business to keep up with the latest show-business trends, including how best to use the Internet, making this new edition no actor should be without.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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