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  • Anglais Bad feminist

    Roxane Gay

    'I'm human, full of contradictions, and a feminist.' Bad Feminist is collection of frank, funny, whip-smart and spot-on essays from one of the most-watched young cultural observers of her generation, Roxane Gay (@rgay).

  • Deconstructs the French woman's views on culture, fashion and attitude. Including 80 black and white and colour pictures, many taken by the authors, this book explains those confusing subjects of clothes, makeup, men, culture and lifestyle as only a true Parisienne can.

  • From groundbreaking writer and thinker Jared Diamond comes an epic, visionary new book on the mysterious collapse of past civilizations - and what this means for our future. Why do some societies flourish, while others founder? What happened to the people who made the forlorn long-abandoned statues of Easter Island or to the architects of the crumbling Maya pyramids? Will we go the same way, our skyscrapers one day standing derelict and overgrown like the temples at Angkor Wat?

    Bringing together new evidence from a startling range of sources and piecing together the myriad influences, from climate to culture, that make societies self-destruct, Collapse also shows how unlike our ancestors we can benefit from our knowledge of the past and learn to be survivors.

  • A memoir whose narrative features two voices: that of a black musician growing up in Brooklyn with his 11 brothers and 11 sisters; and his mother, daughter of a failed itinerant Orthodox Jewish rabbi, who lives in a violently racist small southern town.

  • In spite of the perpetrators' intentions, the Tokyo gas attack left only twelve people dead, but thousands were injured and many suffered serious after-effects. This title features the author's interviews with the victims to tried and established precisely what happened on the subway that day.

  • Sur le continent africain comme ailleurs, les femmes et les enfants sont souvent les premières victimes des atteintes aux droits de l'homme. L'intérêt et la force de ce livre, réalisé sous l'égide de l'Institut danois des droits de l'homme (IDDH), sont d'en rendre compte en privilégiant une approche locale et concrète. Envisageant les difficultés rencontrées par des personnes vulnérables que les lois et les coutumes ne protègent pas suffisamment, les études rassemblées ici ont également l'avantage de prendre la mesure des évolutions à l'oeuvre en Afrique. Cet ouvrage se distingue aussi par sa diversité. Fruit du travail de onze chercheurs africains - pour l'essentiel des juristes ayant à coeur de privilégier une approche pluridisciplinaire -, il se penche sur les situations vécues dans huit pays : Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Niger, Malawi, Ouganda et Togo. À cette diversité géographique, parfois doublée d'une approche comparatiste, s'ajoute une grande variété de thèmes abordés (mariage, divorce, violences faites aux femmes, protection des mineurs délinquants, participation des femmes à la vie politique.) pour tenter de prendre toute la mesure du sujet. Diversité linguistique enfin, dans la mesure où le principe éditorial retenu a consisté à permettre à chaque auteur d'écrire dans sa langue universitaire de prédilection. Les contributions se répartissent ainsi de manière sensiblement égale entre l'anglais et le français.

  • @2@@20@'A LOT OF US WOULD LIKE A RUBIN IN OUR LIVES'@21@ @18@The Times Magazine@19@ - @20@'JUST READ THIS BOOK... IT'S EXCELLENT'@21@ Viv Groskop - @20@'FASCINATING, PERSUASIVE'@21@ @18@Guardian@19@@3@@2@ Many experts suggest one-size-fits-all solutions for habit change, but as we all know from experience, there's no single magic answer. @18@Better Than Before@19@ shows us how to understand habits and to change them for good, and gives us the thrill of recognition and relief, because at last, we'll have the vocabulary and framework to change our habits successfully. Solutions exist!@16@Along the way, Rubin uses herself as a guinea pig, tests her theories on family and friends, and answers some of the most pressing questions - oddly, questions that other writers and researchers tend to ignore: @16@- Why do I find it tough to create a habit for something I love to do?@16@- I want to help someone else make a change. But how?@16@- Why do practically all dieters gain the weight back - plus more?@16@- How quickly can I change a habit?@16@- Why can I make time for everyone else, but can't make time for myself?@16@Whether you want to get more sleep, finish a project, maintain a healthy weight, or stop checking devices, habits make it possible. With Rubin's signature mix of rigorous research and easy humour, @18@Better Than Before@19@ will make us eager to start work on our own habits - even before we've finished the book.@3@

  • A Sunday Times bestseller Longlisted for the Guardian first book award A Radio 4 Book of the Week This book is about learning to live.

    In simple stories of encounter between a psychoanalyst and his patients, The Examined Life reveals how the art of insight can illuminate the most complicated, confounding and human of experiences.

    These are stories about our everyday lives: they are about the people we love and the lies that we tell; the changes we bear, and the grief. Ultimately, they show us not only how we lose ourselves but how we might find ourselves too.

  • Malcolm Gladwell''s dazzling and provocative exploration of why everything we think we know about power is wrongWhat if everything we thought about power was wrong? What if, in the ancient story of the shepherd boy who topples a giant, David actually had the advantage? This thought sets Malcolm Gladwell on an extraordinary journey that takes him from art to basketball, the brain to revolutions, along the way weaving unforgettable stories of misfits, outsiders, tricksters and underdogs who have faced outsized challenges and won. With his trademark warmth, humour and gift for showing us the world through new eyes, Gladwell lets us see why the powerful aren''t always what we think they are - and that some of us have more strength and purpose than we could ever imagine.>

  • Anglais Modern romance

    Aziz Ansari

    The #1 New York Times Bestseller **A hilarious, thoughtful, and in-depth exploration of the pleasures and perils of modern romance from Aziz Ansari, the Emmy-award winning star of Master of None and one of this generation's sharpest comedic voices** In the old days, most people would find a decent person who lived in their village or neighbourhood, and after deciding they weren't a murderer, get married and have kids - all by the age of 22. Now we spend years of our lives searching for our perfect soul mate and, thanks to dating apps, mobile phones and social media, we have more romantic options than ever before in human history. Yet we also have to confront strange new dilemmas, such as what to think when someone is too busy to reply to a text but has time to post a photo of their breakfast on Instagram. And if we have so many more options, why aren't people any less frustrated? For years, American comedian Aziz Ansari has been aiming his comic insight at dating and relationships, and in Modern Romance, he teams up with award-winning sociologist Eric Klinenberg to investigate love in the age of technology. They enlisted some of the world's leading social scientists, conducted hundreds of interviews, analyzed the behavioural data, and researched dating cultures from Tokyo to Buenos Aires to New York City. The result is an unforgettable picture of modern love, combining Ansari's irreverent humour with cutting-edge social science.

  • Why can it sometimes feel as though half the population is living in a moral universe? Why do ideas such as 'fairness' and 'freedom' mean such different things to different people? Why is it so hard to see things from another viewpoint? Why do we come to blows over politics and religion? This book answers these questions about human relationships.

  • Anglais I Before E

    Judy Parkinson

    Offering reminders of mnemonics from our youth and containing countless more to help us in adult life, this title contains various memory aids you may need to know: from well-known rhymes, memorable sayings to a selection of more modern methods of boosting one's failing memory.

  • Anglais Together

    Richard Sennett

    Living with people who differ - racially, ethnically, religiously or economically - is one of the most urgent challenges facing civil society. This book argues that co-operation needs more than good will: it is a craft that requires skill. It explores the nature of co-operation, why it has become weak and how it can be strengthened.

  • "A ground-shaping book that defines the edge of so many vital contemporary debates. Hers is a voice simultaneously behind and beyond the veil" Colum McCann Headscarves and Hymens explodes the myth that we should stand back and watch while women are disempowered and abused in the name of religion. In this laceratingly honest account, Eltahawy takes aim both at attitudes in the Middle East and at the western liberals who mistake misogyny for cultural difference. Her argument is clear: unless political revolution in the Arab world is accompanied by social and sexual revolution, no progress will be made. Headscarves and Hymens is the book the world has been crying out for: a powerful, fearless account of what it really means to be a woman in the Muslim world. 'A fascinating, can't-look-away, whistle-stop tour of the Middle East' Daily Telegraph 'Brave and impassioned . . . A shocking book, and one that will make anyone who has seen veiling as a cultural issue think very hard about what is really going on' Mail on Sunday

  • Un livre qui part des questions que se sont posé la plupart des observateurs sur l´après-COVID19 : Est-ce la fin de la Mondialisation ? Est-ce qu´on verra un fort retour de l´Etat ? Que deviendra l´Europe ? Quels développements de la guerre pour la domination entre les Etats Unis et la Chine ? La réponse à ces questions offre à l´auteur -professeur d´Economie à l´Université de Tunis, l´occasion de re-explorer certains concepts fondamentaux comme celui de la domination économique ou ce qu´il appelle « La troisième Division Internationale du Travail ». Le gros du travail comme le suggère le titre porte sur le « Modèle de Développement Dominant » dont il démontre avec rigueur les aspects idéologiques et fallacieux. Passant à des propositions, l´auteur concentre sur ce qui est appelé « L´Economie Sociale et Solidaire » dont il propose une approche novatrice qui en fait un secteur durable qui peut être au coeur d´une rénovation du modèle de développement.

  • Blindness and low vision lead to a set of consequences in everyday life and require various adaptations so that visual impaired persons grow in a secure, rich and appropriate environment. This brochure, realized by field professionals from the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind specialized in the support of visually impaired persons, should be considered as a toolbox offering the basis for the first steps with a visually impaired person.Theoretical and practical elements are addressed throughout the reading in order to help professionals who care for these persons in daily reality from an educational point of view as well as on rehabilitation and academic skills. This book is English translation from an initial French version.

  • Anglais The concise mastery

    Robert Greene

    Around the globe, people are facing the same problem - that we are born as individuals but are forced to conform to the rules of society if we want to succeed. This title builds on the strategies outlined in The 48 Laws of Power to provide a practical guide to greatness. It helps you learn how to start living by your own rules.

  • A hilarious field guide to the world's most remarkable and unusual creatures: the English.

  • Depuis les attentats du 11 septembre 2001, la violence n'a plus pour seul témoin le protagoniste présent au moment des faits. Elle a désormais pour contemporaine une société de lecteurs, de spectateurs, de joueurs et d'internautes. Cet ouvrage souhaite précisément interroger l'apport des différentes pratiques médiatiques dans le processus de transmission de la violence et témoigner de la constante transfiguration de ses contours émotionnels, dont les fictions culturelles, sociales ou politiques tirent parfois profit.

  • Cet ouvrage rassemble des articles en français et en anglais sur le thème de la gestion de la diversité linguistique dans les villes africaines multilingues. Ils abordent des questions telles que la transmission intergénérationnelle des langues, l'éducation multilingue et la promotion de la diversité linguistique, la politique linguistique et la gestion des langues en contexte multilingue, le développement et la pratique du multilinguisme, etc.

  • Dieses dreisprachige Pionierwörterbuch schließt alle Seiten des Bauwesens und des Pionierwesens ein: Bau, Unterstützung der Beweglichkeit, Gegenbeweglichkeit, und ebenso Topographie und Witterung. Folglich, ist dieses Wörterbuch im Rahmen der NATO-Einsätze und Besprechungen, sowie für Ingenieure und Pionier ein Muß.